Next week, get your iPhones ready

Nearly every single music lover on Whyd has asked for it, and what a long project it has been: expertly managed by our lead dev Adrien, beautifully crafted and polished by our lead design Loick, and meticulously constructed and optimized by our tireless mobile dev Damien all the way out in San Francisco, we are proud to announce to you, our faithful community, that the Whyd iOS app will be out next week!

The significance might be lost on some people, who just assume that everything should also come in app form. But music is social at its core, and it is inseparable from our favorite life experiences. Music accompanies us through the difficult times, through the laughs and joys, through the stress and anxiety, always there, always helping, always enriching. 

To bring the Whyd experience to mobile is to help you get the most from your moments in life, by making sure that you always have the right soundtrack. If you’re in Paris come to our launch party and Play Off on Sunday afternoon, June 22nd to celebrate with us! 

Never stop jamming!

PS: Yes, Android users out there, we know iPhones get all the cool apps first. But we are already developing the Whyd Android app, so have no fear!

PPS: Windows phone users might have to wait a little bit longer….