Track of the Weekend #39: Man Is Not A Bird - “Sounds of Spring”


Daft Punk’s new single “Get Lucky" has been so popular on Whyd that for the last three weeks different versions of the song, and various covers, have dominated the Hot Tracks. But there is another release rustling in the bushes, flapping its wings, and starting to soar. French epic rock group Man Is Not A Bird — instantly recognizable to the Whyd community because our always-rational programmer moonlights as their banging drummer — dropped their new single “Sounds of Spring" last week, and held a concert on Wednesday in Paris to celebrate the release of a new joint album with the dark rock group Puzzle. “Sounds of Spring” is perfectly timed, and the catchiest song without vocals you’ll ever hear. Recently covered by Soundsearch, it is the culmination of a musical adventure, that builds on such MINAB classics as “Bringer of Rain and Seed.” It destroys expectations, stereotypes, and pre-conceived notions like the first bud of a flower on a still-leafless tree. It is complete, harmonious, and an absolute pleasure to listen to. Get ready to fly.