Interview with SoUnD WaVeS: Audio Surfing

1. Hey SoUnD WaVeS, what are the different sides to your personality and how do they show up in your projects?

Creativity and Uniqueness is a side of me that definitely likes to be expressed, and I don’t consider myself a follower, so my sense of style from clothing to music, is always kept as original and unique as possible. And I express it in many ways, first one being:

1. Every single album cover I use for my songs is unique.

2. Also SoUnD WaVeS- accessories and apparel are made to stylishly make you stand out with high quality !  Available on Bandcamp

And was also expressed on: “Breakdancing to my Heartbeat ::: Official Music Video :::" on YouTube: 

I do have an “extrovert” way of being, I consider myself outgoing, daring (not afraid of taking chances), and I definitely like the fun side of life (music & dancing)!  I am the type of person that likes to have his feelings, thoughts and emotions heard, through my SoUnD WaVeS, with the goal to bring out the party animal hidden inside you, and with that said a “sense of humor” is big to me and in my music, and personal life. No one wants to ride a musical roller coaster that doesn’t break the speed of light, so I like to take it to that point, with my songs!

2. How does where you come from influence the music you make?

I would say that coming from the big city of Los Angeles, I was exposed to various cultures, a wide array of music, having unique people as friends, which meant “a lot” of cool experiences growing up, the metropolitan style of life are what made me the EDM lover & producer I am today ! In the culture I come from, parties always revolve around dancing, which means I appreciate and listen to many genres of music. It’s always been known that a lot of awesome electronic music artists are from Europe, the example that comes to mind is “Daft Punk” who I consider to be a very talented group, that shaped my style of acquired electronic music taste. And they also stand out in uniqueness (in a league of their own) which keeps them separated and distinct from others, a quality I admire and strive to live by. 

3. What does “straight ahead electro” mean? Who listens to your music?

What it means to me is something that you produce, and dedicate hours to, and the reason you do it is because of the love you have for it.

I have my music in rotation by various online radio stations, and I have found that most of my fans are women, online and in my personal life, and being a male producer, I will say, I am pretty proud of that, lol.  But none the less, I aim my music to target crowds that simply love EDM & dancing to it!  

4. Tell us about your new single "Esta es mi ciudad (C’est ma ville/This is my city)"

On my last single: ”Esta es mi ciudad (C’est ma ville/This is my city)" available on Bandpage & Soundcloud,  I really wanted to express my love for the many cultures that I feel have complemented and contributed to my personal taste in life in music and food. A lot of EDM artist from my era that I like are from different parts of the world. And with this single, I wanted to demonstrate that music has the power to bring many cultures together, and provide unforgettable memories on the dance floor!

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