In One Week: London Becomes The Next Key To The World Whyd Soundsystem


People have talked about it: The World Wide Soundsystem. 

The way that music moves around the world. The instant connections between listeners, discarding physical geography like the CD. Streaming, now, realtime.  

Producers from anywhere, remixed from everywhere. Desert artists finding their audiences under glaciers. Urban beats resonating through the corn fields.

And all the while, people - music lovers - enjoying. Pure pleasure. Sonic eargasms. 

People have talked about it, and now, we are making it a reality. The World Whyd Soundsystem, connecting music scenes from the planet’s musical meccas in the world’s first location-based, crowd-sourced radios. 



And on September 3rd: London

Are you in these cities? Let us know so you can contribute too. In a different city? Let us know so we can come to you next. Either way, get in touch: tony at whyd dot com. 

Under The Red Windmill: Interview with La Machine du Moulin Rouge:

Bonjour! Can you give us quick history of La Machine du Moulin Rogue? You don’t do cabaret, do you? 

La Machine du Moulin Rouge is the old Locomotive, a mythic club from the 80’s and 90’s. In 2010, the Moulin Rouge bought the location, particularly exceptional for Paris with 3 levels, and wanted to relaunch it, giving it a dignified artistic direction on par with the biggest European venues, yet still keeping with the rebellious spirit of the neighborhood: Pigalle. 

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Track of the Weekend #98: Caribou. - “Our Love”

Getting close to the end of August, and the French phenomenon know as “la rentée” or the “re-entry.” And no, it’s not referring to the return capsule of a space ship. It’s all about the masses of people coming back to work and school starting again after the vacation months. A lot of stuff gets planned for the rentrée, but there is still a week left before it officially begins. One week to get out there and enjoy the sunshine, play some pétanque, and listen to some great summer jams. 

After claiming the Track of the Weekend #87, Caribou. is back again at the top of the Hot Tracks with their hit “Our Love" an up-tempo romp that builds on their signature mathematical style, adding depth to each layer, subtracting lag, and constructing a crescendo at the end that will have you pressing repeat. 

Thanks to Dominique Lutier for getting this one to Whyd for us! 

8 August 2014 Playlists From Our Curators Around The World

Want to stay current with the sweetest tracks being shared across the world during the middle of the summer? Our community of music lovers has got you covered. Here are 8 playlists from August 2014 from our curators in Thailand, Japan, to France and a lot of places in between:

47 tracks from LR

91 tracks from Indie Music Choice

88 tracks from LilComa2Nana

35 tracks from We Provide Electronic Music

26 tracks from Romain Boissieres

19 tracks from Gilles Leveque

15 tracks from Zeckery David Wetson

14 tracks from Maytawee

Never stop jamming! 

The Worst Band Names Ever?

As most of you know, we recently celebrated the 1,000,000th track shared on Whyd. We’ve seen music from nearly every country and continent, from emerging artists and from established players. We’ve seen a lot of weird band names, tracks where we weren’t sure which part was the band name and which part was the title of the song. 

There is a Twitter account called @pisspoorbands that lists ridiculous names for bands. We found this awesome list on Hypebot (a site dedicated to music and technology, one that we check every single day). Which is your favorite? Ours is “Assfault”

  • Craig and His List
  • Menstrual Pancake
  • Wooden Juicebox
  • The Punted Child
  • Justin Thyme
  • Like a Brown Nail
  • The Coolest Spandex
  • The Semi-Solids
  • Beware of Hotdog
  • Cumbersome Horse Pill
  • Leaving Large Puddles
  • Assfault
  • It Takes Two to Mango
  • Fish Hickey
  • Duncan & The Donuts
  • Comb Out The Crumbs
  • Tim Buck, Too
  • When Erosion Happens
  • Prison Dating
  • Suburban Brad and the Pitts
  • Man is not a Bird ;)

Are you looking to start a band yourself? Need some ridiculous ideas? There is also an excellent resource for you: 

Just click the button until you get a name that you like. Next step, Super Bowl Halftime show! That’s how the music business works right? 

Whyd London: Launching September 3

Amidst the rows of brick houses bending like waves out from the winding Thames; under the drizzling clouds that mist a population clad in peacoats; a sound resonates. From the east side squatters to Bond street chauffeurs, from the Camden tunnels to the heights of the Shard, music can be heard, in all its glorious forms. For there are few cities in the world more steeped in the brew of music than London. 

So it is with nothing but excitement that we announce our next innovative city community page in the UK’s capitol, launching officially on September 3rd featuring the best of the Whyd community in London: curators, influencers, music lovers, and the music that’s making London move. 

Are you in London? Get in touch so you can be one of the official contributors! 

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The Charcuterie Musicale: Interview with DJ Halouf

1. Can you tell us about your musical personality? When the turntables are hot, what are you playing? 

My name is Omar and I am a Muslim but as I love irony my stage name is DJ Halouf (Halouf means pork in Arabic). 

I created The Charcuterie Musicale de DJ Halouf. It’s a blindtest activity that tours festivals, bars, or private parties. The idea is to go from funk to rock via world music and electro, etc. There are all the major titles that everyone has danced to and knows by heart. The atmosphere is very festive and convivial thanks to the proximity and back and forth between the players and the DJ. The level of difficulty is adapted to each party so that the players find the response (be it the title of the track, or the artist), then, it’s a question of speed! 

The same idea for the blindtest is to chop up the tracks, so I don’t wait for the end to switch to a completely different track. That’s why it’s called Charcuterie Musicale, plus it goes well with DJ Halouf! 

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Track of the Weekend #97: Arcade Fire - “Afterlife” (Flume Remix)

The summer continues its march, as tomorrow marks the August 15th festivities and the long weekend that will see throngs of vacationers head to relaxing destinations across Europe. A long weekend deserves a long track of the weekend, and this week’s top track can be described in one word: epic. 

Flume has been having an incredible year, and has even become the favorite to win the title of King of 2014 on Whyd. He brings his Midas touch to nearly everything that he produces. So it is no surprise that his remix of Arcade Fire's “Afterlife" flew to the top of the hot tracks this week. An anthem spanning just over 10 minutes, “Afterlife” feels like being trapped in limbo, not quite a payment for the debt of sin, but a frustration of not arriving in heaven either. 

Thanks to Muriel for nailing this one! 

A Boston Music Project: Interview with Music Savage


Yo! Can you give us the backstory of Music Savage? How did you get it off the ground and who is behind it? 

I started it back in 2009 as an outlet to start talking about music, I never really expected anyone to listen to it, and I had absolutely no background in journalism, or music. I was just passionate about finding new music. I spent the next few months posting as much and as consistently as I could, but I’m not sure I had a voice at all. Eventually that consistency - around 4 posts per day - started to get noticed, I started to get emails from bands, from labels, from PR companies for me to demo their music, and write about it if I like it. It was really surreal, I never thought anyone would be interested in reading, in sending me to shows. It was a confidence booster, and helped fuel the fire to keep going. 

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Track of the Weekend #96: Lily Wood and The Prick - “Prayer in C” (Robin Schulz Remix)

There are small numbers of people on the streets of Paris these days, and those who are here head to the Paris Plage to take in the sun along the banks of the Seine. Everyone else is along the coast, including half of the Whyd team who are flanking the various parts of France from Brittany to the Côte d’Azur. But one thing is consistent, we are listening to great music, and this week is no exception. 

Robin Schulz is a regular favorite among the Whyd community, and so it is no surprise that when he takes a remix on Lily Wood and The Prick’s “Prayer in C" that it would shoot up the hot tracks. Blending deep house into soulful tones is not easy, but the delicate balance in "Prayer in C" is an instant hook, which is why it’s already making waves in the mainstream.

Thanks to Jeoffrey Paris for getting it to us!