10 Fresh October 2014 Playlists

Leaves are falling, and the world is jamming. With more and more people adding awesome music to Whyd in our ever-growing community, we have been delighting our ears with the latest playlists. As we are a bit more than midway through October, here are 10 playlists showcasing the best that October 2014 has to offer: 

LilComa2Nana - 98 tracks (hip hop, electro) 

Loic Bretonnet - 94 tracks (rock, hip hop, electro) 

Indie Music Choice - 66 tracks (indie pop, electro, rock)

LR - 55 tracks (hip hop, R&B, rock)

Romain Boissieres - 27 tracks (electro)

Gary Gooweetharan - 17 tracks (hip hop)

Gilles Leveque - 17 tracks (indie rock, pop)

Maytawee - 15 tracks (electro pop) 

Very Important Music - 11 tracks (funk, electro) 

Underground Playlist - 10 tracks (electro, pop)

Jamming, assured. 

Rwan: The Jamendo Playlist Contest Winner!

The past two weeks saw an abundance of great, independent music shared across Whyd from Jamendo, as music lovers created playlists made up of Jamendo artists. There was folk, there was metal, soul, and blues. There was also hip hop, instrumentals, and modern rock. 

Without further ado, the three finalists are: 

Rwan - 13 tracks

Damien - 11 tracks

Chaffibwek - 8 tracks

And after listening to each playlist, we have a winner! 

Congratulations to Rwan for his masterful harmony of tropical, poppy funk, elevated with an international electro spice. You’ve won two concert tickets to the show of your choice! 

A big thanks to everyone who participated, who shared, and who got to discover some great music! 

Track of the Weekend #106: Bonobo - “Flashlight”

It’s finally Friday, and that’s a good thing for most of us who have schlepped through the week like zombies with no appetite for human flesh. Tonight there is a party and awesome concert organized by our buddies at La Machine du Moulin Rouge for all of you Parisians looking to get your groove on. We will also be announcing the finalists for the Jamendo Playlist Contest this afternoon.

One track that sums up this autumnal feeling is “Flashlight,” Bonobo’s latest electronic storytelling that combines his unique beats, sounds, and energy into a sort of vortex of music and ambiental sound. It’s a good track for your Sunday afternoon, and it’s been topping the charts all week on Whyd thanks to the ever-sharing trendsetter Aline. Enjoy your weekend! 

Rethink Music Venture Day in Berlin - Next Week

Across the global landscape, there are music events large and small. In fact the music business loves getting together to share ideas and push the envelope. Maybe it comes from the spirit of live concerts. We’ve had the pleasure of attending many, and taking advantage of the information and networking. If that’s your goal, and you’re in the start up industry, you should definitely check out what’s happening in Berlin next week. 

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Get Your Playlists in Now!

The Jamendo playlist contest on Whyd is in full swing, and we’ve enjoyed discovering a huge amount of new music already from independent artists the world over. There are Italian singers, Spanish strummers, French producers, American crooners, German bangers, Canadian rockers, English composers… you get the idea! 

And all of this is still only a fraction of a percent of the music waiting to be discovered on Jamendo. So start listening and put your favorites into your Whyd playlist and share baby share!

The winner will be announced next Monday! 

Here are a few playlists to whet your whistle:

Erik Greissmann - Loaded with bluesy harmonica, and a country twang, this playlists sets the toes a-tappin’.

Damien Romito - Folky, light, this playlist feels like summertime. 

Chaffibwek - A playlist of French Metal from a group called QSM, progressive, hard, and quite dark. 

Techno Party in Lille - [INTERVIEW] with Baton Blanc


Hello! Can you introduce yourselves? What is Baton Blanc and when was it created? 

Baton Blanc is first and foremost a group of friends from the north of France, passionate about electronic music of all genres. We also have the habit of going to see artists in cities like Brussels, Gand, Paris, and London (when the budget allows). 

It’s really from this spirit that we created the association in January 2014. In Lille there is really only one club with consistently great music, so we wanted to organize electronic music events and propose a new offer, deconstructing the current structures to create a new dynamic in the region of Lille. 

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Track of the Weekend #105: Gregory Porter - “Liquid Spirit” (20syl Remix)

There was a clear arc of energy and excitement of the rhythms that are typical of autumn weeks, when Mondays are soul-crushing but Fridays represent all the hope in the world. It’s time to “get down, and take a drink” with the master 20syl, one of Whyd's most popular artists who has perfected the art of creating infectious remixes that can funkitize any song, in a signature style that many have imitated, but no one has come close to replicating.

20syl’s remix of Gregory Porter’s “Liquid Spirit" spent the entire week atop the hot tracks, and you will have no problem understanding why when you put it on repeat this weekend. Big ups to 20syl for this one, and for everything else to come!! 

3 Awesome Jamendo Contest Playlists

The Jamendo Playlist contest is in full swing, and we have been enjoying the music that people have been finding across Jamendo, from independent artists from all over the world. There are artists of all kinds: creative souls who are truly expressing themselves; composers who have put together soundtrack-worthy tracks; experimental beats makers pushing the envelop; crooners; strummers; seducers; rockers. 

If you want to win two tickets to the concert of your choice, here are the rules. 

Now, for your listening enjoyment, here are 3 playlist contest entries that you should listen to right now! 

Rwan - 15 tracks

Pierre Poupardin - 10 tracks

Adrien Joly - 10 tracks

Never stop jamming! 

Official Playlist For CHUICHO @ La Machine Du Moulin Rouge [WHYD PARTY]

It’s getting closer to October 17th, and even though the temperatures are falling and the rain has come out, we are still hot, and for the partiers in Paris there will be no better place to be than CHUICHO (literally: I’m hot and ready to go) at La Machine du Moulin Rouge. Our buddies at Buzz Bourguignon put together a stellar line up of KIDNAP KID, KANT, Le Bron and Rusty Hook for the night, and here’s a playlist to get you in the mood for next Friday night!! See you all there!