Three Amazing Cities: Three Amazing Music Scenes

If you haven’t been following us here at Whyd recently, you might’ve missed the new community-sourced city radios that we’ve been launching across Europe. The idea is to create the World Whyd Soundsystem, to bring the coolest music that people are listening to around the world to everyone else. 

Every city in the world has its own unique musical identity, which is manifested in the music that makes people move there. It’s not necessarily bands that come from a city, or the music that clearly references a certain city, but just the pulse, the real-time vibe of a place with a lot of people, jamming, together. 

The communities in each city are made up of die-hard music lovers, people who manage the programmation at concert venues, music journalists, bloggers, artists, DJs, organizers, promoters, as well as people who just love and share great new music. It’s a democratic, community-sourced radio that changes in real time, can be filtered by genre, and is supplemented by three new playlists every day. How cool is that? 

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Interview with Dealer de Musique

Hello! Can you introduce yourself? Where is Dealer de Musique from and when was it created? 

Hi! First of all we’d like to thank you for thinking about us for this interview. Dealer de Musique is a French music blog, created in Paris in 2012. Thomas, the founder, managed the blog himself, the Facebook page, and the Soundcloud page during a year. But as he saw the number of fans and followers increasing, on July 2013 he asked Sam for help to research and promote music; Charlotte to manage all the events and partnerships; Camiel who takes care of the interviews and finally Alex who makes awesome visuals and prepares our mixtapes. 

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Track of the Weekend #101: SBTRKT - “Higher” feat. Raury

There are progressive artists, and then there is SBTRKT, an indescribable chutney of hiphop, minimalist beats, and a touch of rawness that made him famous with his first track of the weekend. But his latest track “Higher" feat. Raury has been catching fire across the world and in only a few days has shot up to #1 on the Whyd Hot Tracks. More aggressive thanks to the lyrics of Raury, “Higher" will please hip hop fans across the spectrum, and a lot more music lovers too. Thanks to Pico for getting it to our ears. 

WINNER: Best #Paris #Summer Playlist: Les Disquaires de Paris


The summer got off to a slow start, with rain and chilly temperatures across the French capitol for much of July and August. But it’s in full swing now, with big sunshine everyday and nice warm afternoon temperatures. It’s the classic Indian Summer, and we’re loving it! 

Over the summer, we asked our curators from the Paris community to propose their summer playlists. There were some excellent ones, which is no surprise considering the quality of the music shared by our curators. And we’re a bit selfish too, since those playlists became the soundtracks to our summertime (thanks guys!). 

It was a tough competition, but we promised our community that we would the best playlist would be selected, and the winner would be invited to the Tony’s loft to eat his famous, homemade sushi. Monsieur Dames, we have a winner! 

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Liminalondon: A Sonic City Profile by Dai Watts [INTERVIEW]

Hello Dai! Can you give us some background information about yourself? When did you start creating music? 

My first musical experience was learning the flute as a child living in Australia (I was born in Melbourne and brought up in Sydney). I then took up the piano and taught myself guitar and bass before studying music at King’s College in London. After leaving University I worked as a piano and keyboard player, and also as a Musical Director, working on a number of shows in London and around the UK. I’ve been writing ever since I started playing music, and decided to concentrate on that in the last few years, building myself a studio at home and spending long hours learning and developing recording and production techniques.

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Track of the Weekend #100! “Porto” - Worakls

It’s a big day for us here at Whyd, celebrating our 100th Track of the Weekend! When we started out we knew that this day would come, but what a journey it’s been. 

The Track of the Weekend started out two years ago as basically whatever song we thought got the most love from the 50 or so music lovers who were on Whyd. It was rather subjective. 

But when we added the hot tracks we could easily see which track was lighting up Whyd each week. The Track of the Weekend became scientific, a true community-led music log that captures some incredible songs, from brand new artists to established favorites. Thank you to everyone for sharing, liking, and re-adding tracks, for making this whole jam possible. 

So, what is the 100th track of the weekend? It’s a track that does a flawless job of summarizing the overall vibe of Whyd. A hypnotizing instrumental anthem with a Portuguese guitar and layers of composition that builds to a crescendo of smooth electro, we’re proud to have “Porto" by Worakls as the 100th Track of the Weekend. Thanks to our buddies at Blog des Petites Musicales for making this track trend! 

Never stop jamming! 

Top Of The Music To Ya! Whyd London: T-2 Days

Oh yes! Can you smell the fish and chips frying? The soot of the damp chimney sweeps walking by on the wet street? The other easy stereotypes we can muster? 

The fact remains: our revolutionary approach to opening the music scenes of the world is on its way, shooting right now through the Chunnel, to invade the UK like the Normans in 1066. 

Tune your ears to Whyd London on September 3rd, and don’t forget to tell your mates.