Give us your #SummerInParis Playlists: Win a homemade sushi dinner!

Is there a better time to listen to music than the summer? When relaxation is key, we have time on our hands, and every type of event: from BBQs to rooftop parties to bonfires on the beach are so much sweetened by the sound of good tunes. You may have already done it, but if you are in Paris, we want you to create and send us your #Summer in Paris playlist. Email the URL of your playlist to us at tony at whyd dot com. 

Every playlist will be featured throughout the summer on the Whyd Paris community stream:

Around the middle of August, we at Whyd will select our favorite playlist of the summer, and the winner will be invited (with a guest of their choice) to a homemade sushi dinner at Tony's place.

Warning: Tony makes some excellent sushi, you may never fully be able to enjoy regular sushi again after this dinner. You have been warned.  

Happy playlisting, happy summer, and never stop jamming! 

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Interview with


Hello! Can you introduce yourself? Who are you and where are you from? 

Hi! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to introduce my site. I’m Thomas from Cologne in Germany. I’m 34 years old and I’ve been blogging about music for - I think - a decade now. My first album ever what the Star Wars soundtrack (I know!) and when I’m not listening to music, I’m also composing a little myself (check out the independent projects Souls of Zen & Shangdown by Jakob Montrasio). 

Why did you create Where did the idea come from? 

Oh man, I just love music and I listen to so much of it - no matter which genre. If I like it, it’s in the playlist - be it pop, rock, metal, hip hop or classical music. I’ve been running several music blogs for years now and the think I’ve always loved most is collecting streams of upcoming songs and albums to be able to listen to great new music before anyone else :D

But it takes time to browse all the awesome blogs and magazines out there, so I decided to start and aggregate new and officially streaming music in a cool and nice looking format for everyone else to listen to very quickly - to spend less time searching and more time listening! I’ve always paid much attention to unknown bands as well and I just love giving newcomers a platform where they can exist just right next to a La Roux or Linkin’ Park stream. If a stream is submitted by an ambitious band, it’s in the chronological timeline. It happens not rarely, that a band with 50 Facebook fans finds itself between Coldplay and Bon Iver. I love that! 

What types of music do you cover? Who should come and check out 

There is no limitation in genre. If you like pop, check out the pop section, if you like rock, head over to the rock section, and if you like movie soundtracks, be my guest in the soundtrack section. Great music needs to be heard and I just love to broaden my musical horizon and be surprised by sounds I haven’t expected a minute ago. You know that moment, when you’re just utterly stunned by something, that triggers something in your hear that you don’t understand, when you just let that moment take control of you and you can’t breathe anymore? Music still does that to me even though I’ve already heard so much of it. I can’t live without it and I can’t risk to leave out a genre and miss any of these moments. 


What are your plans for the rest of the year? Anything we can look forward to? 

First of all, you can look forward to great new music, I guess! But in terms of I’m planning to launch the possibility to log in and save a stream into your personal profile and keep track of the artist. I talked to some fans and they really miss this possibility. You listen to a great track or album, which comes out 4 weeks later and maybe you forget about it in the meantime. This must not happen and my mission is to make this pain go away. I would also like to see, that the cover art of an album gathers more attention. I collect vinyl and I love checking out the huge covers in detail. It’s part of the art and it must be recognized as such even in the days of streaming. 

Thank you Thomas! Like on Facebook and get to their Whyd page to find your next favorite song! 

Track of the Weekend #93: Isaac Delusion - “Dragons” (Fakear Remix)

The thermometer is set to pop off today as the summer heat sets in, cold beers will be in high demand this afternoon, along with some chill music to provide aural breezes to our sweaty ears. One such track has been icing the top of the hot tracks all week. Fakear, an up-and-coming French electronic producer remixed Isaac Delusion’s track “Dragons,” and the result has captivated us. Full of melody, punch, and Fakear’s signature style, it’s a track that has already left a permanent mark on Summer 2014. Thanks to Louis de Sentenac (who recently registered his 1,000 subscriber!!) for getting it to us! 

Meet The Super Talented Hollie Cook [PODCAST]


Some of the best music for summertime listening is inspired by the place where heat comes from: the tropics. The sounds of reggae - the positivity, the beat that can move stone - are infectious. Couple that with a voice that could break through clouds like sun rays from God and you have Hollie Cook, who is taking over the world with her new album “Twice.” We had the pleasure of sitting down with her at Internationale Records in Paris. Enjoy hearing her story, intertwined with some of the hottest tracks off her new album, and listen to a her special Whyd playlist, created exclusively for us! 


Track of the Weekend #92: Victor Démé - Djon Maya Maî (Synapson Edit)

The lazy summertime haze which currently sits over our lives is the perfect medium for harmonious vibrations that can lift the shoulders while toes dip into the cool sea waters. If ever there was a track that could float around the world like a welcome friend, it’s this week’s track of the weekend. “Djon Maya Maî" by Victor Démé, reworked by Synapson, is a worldly chant that hugs and kisses you before moving on to the next lucky set of ears. Thanks to the team of Bastien d’Abbadie and Laurène Sturm for getting it to us this week. 

Track of the Weekend #91: The Hellen Hollins Singers - Consolation (Nicolas Jaar Edit)

If you’re in the good ole U S of A today, Happy 4th of July! As you’re waking up to your BBQs, boating, beering, and any other activity that starts with the letter “b” you would be hard pressed to find a better morning song than the hottest track this week on WhydNicolas Jaar's edit of The Hellen Hollins Singers' soul masterpiece “Consolation.” Funkier than a used gym sock forgotten in the bottom of a laundry basket, yet with Jaar’s unmistakable smoothness, impress your friends today by laying down this track. Congrats to our staple Dom Lutier for sending us off right! 

Happy Fireworks! 

Summertime Playlists: Delight Your Ears

The summer is in full swing, as Americans prepare for the 4th of July, the French the 14th, and our team is scattered around the world in various places from Greek beaches to Mexican beaches to music festivals. But one thing remains constant: the need for awesome music. 

Fortunately, the trendy curators at Whyd have lined up some awesome playlists dedicated to the summertime, let them take you away to relaxation and fun: 

Summer by Sunny

Jazz Summertime by Abaritault

IMC #July 2014 by Indie Music Choice

July 2014 Sound Digging by Sound Central

Never stop jamming! 

Track of the Weekend #90: Jamie XX - “All Under One Roof Raving”

There is not much to left to say about this week, other than the fact that we are all exhausted and on our last legs. Luckily for some, music festivals and vacation are coming next week. As we saw an influx of new music lovers on Whyd this week, we might’ve expected to see something out of the ordinary for the Track of the Weekend this week. Not the case (but definitely check out the trending 80’s version of the Game of Thrones theme song!). 

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Wow, what a busy week we’ve seen here in Paris and around the world. The Whyd iOS app launched on Monday, and we’ve witnessed an incredible response from the Whyd community, new music lovers, and the press at large with articles from Mashable, Forbes, Lifehacker (good old Alan Henry!!), The Next Web, Frenchweb, TechCrunch, and a lot more. 

But music is an extremely competitive space, and in order to get more visibility and inject even more energy into the Whyd community, we need you to go to the App Store and rate our app! Leave comments about how Whyd changed your life. Tell us why music is so important to you and why other services just aren’t cutting it. Give us 5 stars, or 4, if you absolutely hate the app ;)  

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