A TON of fresh, new, independent music: Welcome Jamendo!

Ladies and Gentlemen music lovers of Whyd, we have a big announcement for you! Today we’re proud to welcome another platform that is a treasure chest of independent music from all over the world. 

Having been around since 2004, Jamendo has been a home for independent musicians who are seeking alternatives to the traditional structure of music distribution. Jamendo helps artists reach new fans, license their music, and synchronize their tracks with advertisements, corporate videos, or even cinema. Jamendo’s emerging, innovative artists are exactly the type of musicians that Whyd music lovers will be happy to discover, scratching that remote itch in the back of the ear that comes from having unequaled music appetites. 

Now you can add any track you want from Jamendo, either with the [+ Add Track] button on the site or with the bookmarklet. We’re counting on you to help share these artists get their music out to the world! 

We encourage you to go and start exploring Jamendo now, as we will be launching a playlist contest next week featuring music from the platform. To get you started, here’s a Whyd playlist put together by the audiophiles on the Jamendo team! 

Never stop jamendoing! 

Track of the Weekend #103: Kendrick Lamar - “i”

Kendrick Lamar has been making music for a while, but it wasn’t until 2012’s “good kid, m.A.A.d city” that he received heaps of critical acclaim and world wide fame. Now, he’s back at it again, and is heading in a much poppier direction with "i" his new single that sounds almost too mainstream for the rapper who specialized in letting his verse take precedence to his melodies. But no one can deny the instantly catchy result, and “i” has rocketed to the top of the Whyd Hot Tracks, being played over 3 million times in less than a week on Soundcloud. Congrats to Cynthia Sirugue for getting her first track of the weekend! 

Say Hello To Jeremy, Whyd’s New Intern!

The changes at Whyd never seem to stop, as our team rotates around the world. Our own Loïck is checking out California right now and getting his San Francisco-hipster-coolkid-tech-designer injection. And today we welcome a brand new member of the Whyd team to our Paris office: our intern Jeremy. 

Jeremy will be helping our recommendation experts to understand how music is connected to other types of music, and to pull insanely huge amounts of data to glean insights that have never before been gleaned. He’ll be with us a few days per week as he continues his studies. 

If you’re wondering (and we know you are) Jeremy is a big fan of rock and metal, and he also likes techno when it gets more to the hardcore side of the electrospectrum. Subscribe to him on Whyd

Visual Sound: Remixing Cult Films and Original Compositions: [Interview] with T. Boon


1. Digital Music isn’t something new for you. When did you start producing music and what has changed between then and now? 

I started making music in 2000, behind the studio consoles to record DJs and imitate their work (scratch mixes and pass pass sessions). We produced a lot of remix compilations with N˚1 hits and “crazy” bootlegs where we invented battles between improbable artists. 

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Track of the Weekend #102: Son Lux - “Lost It To Trying”

Such an unusual track of the weekend that it’s hard to explain what Son Lux has created in “Lost It To Trying.” It starts like the beginning of a fairy tale, a flittering Disney song where you might expect to see some birds landing on a log and Bambi bounding down the glen, and then it gets real. The heartbreaking harmony captivates while the minimal percussion leaves an empty hollowness in the listener. The sound is almost haunting, which explains how it got to the top of the Hot Tracks this week. Thanks to SoundyC for sharing it with us first! If you’re obsessed with Son Lux, there is good news as he’ll be touring Europe next month, including the Pitchfork festival here in Paris, see the Facebook page for more details. 

Three Amazing Cities: Three Amazing Music Scenes

If you haven’t been following us here at Whyd recently, you might’ve missed the new community-sourced city radios that we’ve been launching across Europe. The idea is to create the World Whyd Soundsystem, to bring the coolest music that people are listening to around the world to everyone else. 

Every city in the world has its own unique musical identity, which is manifested in the music that makes people move there. It’s not necessarily bands that come from a city, or the music that clearly references a certain city, but just the pulse, the real-time vibe of a place with a lot of people, jamming, together. 

The communities in each city are made up of die-hard music lovers, people who manage the programmation at concert venues, music journalists, bloggers, artists, DJs, organizers, promoters, as well as people who just love and share great new music. It’s a democratic, community-sourced radio that changes in real time, can be filtered by genre, and is supplemented by three new playlists every day. How cool is that? 

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Interview with Dealer de Musique

Hello! Can you introduce yourself? Where is Dealer de Musique from and when was it created? 

Hi! First of all we’d like to thank you for thinking about us for this interview. Dealer de Musique is a French music blog, created in Paris in 2012. Thomas, the founder, managed the blog himself, the Facebook page, and the Soundcloud page during a year. But as he saw the number of fans and followers increasing, on July 2013 he asked Sam for help to research and promote music; Charlotte to manage all the events and partnerships; Camiel who takes care of the interviews and finally Alex who makes awesome visuals and prepares our mixtapes. 

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Track of the Weekend #101: SBTRKT - “Higher” feat. Raury

There are progressive artists, and then there is SBTRKT, an indescribable chutney of hiphop, minimalist beats, and a touch of rawness that made him famous with his first track of the weekend. But his latest track “Higher" feat. Raury has been catching fire across the world and in only a few days has shot up to #1 on the Whyd Hot Tracks. More aggressive thanks to the lyrics of Raury, “Higher" will please hip hop fans across the spectrum, and a lot more music lovers too. Thanks to Pico for getting it to our ears.