Whyd Paris Party: TOMORROW NIGHT!

Final reminder to everyone in the city of light: tomorrow Paris becomes the city of sound. 

Party starts at 20hr00 at Le Dandy in the back room of the upstairs. Metro Pigalle. Official event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1484481048446731/

Come early as there will be homemade food to eat that we have already started preparing, but we’re guessing it wont last very long! 

The entry is free and there is a happy hour until 22hr where beers and such are 5 euros. 

Bring your friends! (Unless they hate music, but then they probably wouldn’t be your friends)

If you have any other questions, email: tony at whyd dot com.  

Can’t wait to see everyone there! 

WINNER: Melodie Lily, Whyd Spring Playlist Contest

Another wonderfully pleasant playlist contest has come to an end, and the decision between the finalists was very difficult. Each of the three finalist playlists boasted a particular personality, a trademark sound, incomparable but all sharing one thing: hope. 

In the end it was the other-worldly aspect of Melodie Lily’s playlist that won out. Soft, gentle like a warm breeze on a sunny day, her Whyd Spring Playlist was everything that we wanted. Congratulations to you Melodie, your rosé will be on the way to Copenhagen, and here is the famous playlist for everyone’s listening pleasure: 

Whyd Spring Playlist Contest: The Finalists!

Coming to a close tomorrow, Whyd's Spring Playlist contest provided an excellent context for musical discovery and enjoyment, with 22 entries and countless awesome tracks. If these playlists are any indication, 2014 is going to be a great year for music. 

Now, without any further ado: the three finalists are,

Meven Marchand Guidevay

Mélodie Lily

Kim Jacques

Thanks to everyone who participated, the winner will be announced tomorrow! 

Invitez tes potes: Whyd Paris Launch - 24 Avril

This blog post we will break with tradition in order to put out some important information to all the French speakers in Paris: 

La semaine prochaine on va fêter le lancement de la nouvelle page Whyd Paris, un radio proposé par les music lovers parisiens qui partagent toujours des bons sons. 

Ça represent aussi une nouvelle manière de la presentation des contenus chez Whyd, pour toucher un audience plus large. 

Donc on compte sur vous de inviter tes amis à la fête la semaine prochaine, et aussi de les proposer à rejoindre la communauté parisien si c’est intéressante pour eux. 

Il faut que tous les gens de Paris sachent que Whyd Paris existe, et c’est pour ça qu’on invite tout le monde à notre fête le 24. 

À très bientôt, et never stop jamming! 

Everyone Welcome Guillaume!

When the team split and we began our quest for world domination, we were feeling a little lonely with just half the team in Paris. So we decided to bring in some help, to develop the city pages, improve the experience of the Whyd community, and help us with the all-important growth hacking. His name is Guillaume, and he is a music lover.

He claims to love all music, and this is certainly a theory that we will test, but he is most passionate about 80’s funk, ripping off a list of artists and groups that we’ve never heard of before, which solicited a lot of respect, and intrigue. 

Guillaume will be here with us until June 20th, so make sure that you subscribe to him on Whyd for what is promising to be some very, very cool jams. 

From the Whyd team: Welcome Guillaume! Never stop jamming.

Listen Now: 3 Spring Playlists on Whyd, Made Just For You

On Tuesday we launched the Whyd Spring Playlist contest to put forward our most hopeful, spring time music that represents the potential of 2014. We’ve already got some great entries, and that means some wonderful playlists to delight your ears as you bask in the warming sunshine. 

Don’t forget to share your favorite Spring playlists on Twitter and Facebook, or make your own! The winner gets honor and rosé, a great combination. 

Whyd Spring Playlist by Kim Jacques: tweet to her @kimberlyjacques

Whyd Spring Playlist by Soren

Whyd Spring Playlist by Simen Husmo tweet to him @simenhusmo

Never stop jamming!